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Coordonator:                                              Silviu Erhan – Tel: 0745-347.684
Adresa Clubului de Calarie RARAUL:   Bacau, str. Calea Barladului nr. 211, jud. Bacau

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  1. Dear Sir:

    I am looking for a position at a riding centre as riding instructor or assistant manager. I am a qualified riding instructor with managerial skills. I have a lot of experience teaching riding (show jumping and dressage), and experience taking responsibility for the management and development of a horse business, hiring, supervising and training staff.
    I am used to work under BHS teaching and safety standards. I am used to teach all levels of riders, from beginner level to advanced, with flexibility to adapt to the needs of both horse and rider.

    I am sending you my CV below these lines. You can find more information, such as pictures and articles, at

    Kindest regards,
    Carlos N. Gomez



    CHIEF RIDING INSTRUCTOR, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2008-2014.•Teaching riding lessons for riders of all levels and ages at a riding centre with 80 stabled horses, 3 outdoor arenas.
    •Dressage and show jumping judge during official competitions.
    •Organizing riding Summer Camps.
    •Responsibility supervising 25 people, including farrier, grooms and 4 riding instructors.

    RIDING INSTRUCTOR, Kuwait city, Kuwait, 2006-2008.
    •A riding centre with 100 horses in air-conditioned stables, 4 outdoor arenas, horse walker, 2 lunging rings, restaurant, etc. Hosting official show jumping competitions. Staff of 40 people.
    •Teaching dressage and show jumping lessons.
    •Organizing riding Summer Camps.
    •Dressage and show jumping judge during official competitions.
    RIDING INSTRUCTOR, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000-2006. •Organizing a riding school.
    •Dealing daily with riders, parents, customers, staff, providers and sponsors.
    •Riding at dressage, show jumping and eventing competitions.
    •Organizing riding Summer Camps.
    •Polo manager: organization of matches, grooms, umpires, conservation of the polo fields, etc.
    •Riding instructor (show jumping and dressage).

    CHIEF RIDER, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998-1999•Training horses at Itapua, a breeding centre with almost 500 horses, 2 outdoor arenas, 3 lunging rings, free jumping ring, private paths, outside paddocks. Some of its warmbloods, such as „Aspen” and „Quorum”, have been trained in Belgium by Nelson Pessoa.
    •I trained young and adult horses for sale and competition.
    •Exhibition of stallions for official approval.
    •Exhibition of horses for sales.

    DRESSAGE CLINICS, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000-2001.
    Taking several dressage clinics with Dominique Flammant, a former rider of the Cadre Noir, France, and former pupil of the German dressage trainer Willi Schultheiss (Clube Hípico Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo).
    TRAINING WITH A DRESSAGE TRAINER FROM THE SPANISH RIDING SCHOOL, Belgium, 1999-2000.•Training during one year with Raymond Withages, a dressage professional rider and horse trainer certified at Warendorf (Germany). He was trained at the Spanish Riding School (Vienna, Austria) under direction of Col. Alois Podhajsky, and was as well a former pupil of German dressage trainer Georges Theodorescu.
    VAULTING TRAINER, Argentina, 1998. •Vaulting Trainer certification training with Björn Ahsbahs, German Olympic vaulter – Individual Gold Medal (Club Hípico Argentino, Buenos Aires).

    LANGUAGES: · ENGLISH: First language.

    · SPANISH: Excellent level, spoken and written.

    · PORTUGUESE: Excellent level, spoken and written.

    · NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP, Paulo Cunha, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998

    · DRESSAGE JUDGE, Janine Rohr, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997

    · SHOW JUMPING JUDGE, Mayor Julio Orma Carrasco, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997

    · VAULTING TRAINER, Björn Ahsbhas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997

    · INTERNATIONAL FIRST AIDS, Saint John Ambulance Association,, (Singapore, 2008)

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